Do you dread Mondays? At the end of a work week do you find yourself breathing a sigh of relief and thinking, “Phew! I made it”? Have you ever asked yourself, “What’s the point?” If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you’re likely feeling unmotivated with your work. Perhaps it’s time for a refresh—not only for you but for your clients.

Finding your mojo: Review your vision/mission statement and values
While many people simply need to take a vacation to “recharge” and balance out their work and home lives, others find that when they return from their break, they are still unmotivated and feel stuck. Think back to when you first started your job or business. What did you like about it? What motivated you to enter your line of work? What really makes you feel happy, proud, or excited about your work? Make a list of all of these things and review it regularly. You might just need to be reminded of why it is you do what you do in order to get your mojo back. If you work for a company or organization, reviewing the company’s vision/mission statement and core values and goals should help you tremendously. If you own your own business and don’t have a vision/mission statement and values written down, then you need to go through the exercise of writing them down. “Where there is no vision, people perish…” (Proverbs 29:18 Amplified)—the same holds true for your business. A written vision statement and set of values makes sure you have a clear purpose so you know why your business exists, where your business is going, and the principles and values by which you’ll get there.

Refresh: Breathe new life into your work
So you’ve reviewed your vision/mission statement and your values, and you still don’t feel motivated or excited about work. Maybe it’s time to rewrite those statements and take your business in a new direction, or change the statements so that they align with where your business is going. Chances are, if you’re feeling blah-ditty-blah about your work life, so too are your employees—and your clients. Think about when a friend went on and on about an issue or topic he or she felt passionate about. That friend probably made direct eye contact, gestured with his or her hands, and seemed fully engaged and excited about relaying his or her views on the topic. You may have even started to feel stirred up and excited about the issue, too. Your clients need to see that passion, drive, and excitement come through in your business in everything from your website to your pamphlets, business presentations, and face-to-face meetings so that they can get excited about your business, too. Take a look at those things. Does your website scream professional and passionate? Do your brochures and PowerPoint Presentations show the excitement you have for the work? If not, it’s time for an update. From the words on the page to the artwork and the medium, take this opportunity to reach out and get some help to breathe new life into your work. Writers, editors, graphic designers, and website programmers are there to help you do just that.


Why not take this March break not only to recharge, but to think about how you can get excited about coming to work when you get back? Make your clients excited about your work. Make going to work something you love to do. Get excited about your work again!

If you need a refresh in your business mission statement or other materials, contact me. I’d love to help you become excited about your business again—and help your potential clients get excited about choosing you over the competition.