1. You carry a red pen in your purse just in case a random person asks you to “proof” a document when you’re in the mall.
  2. You either cringe at spelling mistakes and typos in restaurant menus or you give a gentle chuckle and say “That’s cute” while adding up in your head how much money you could have made if you had edited it.
  3. You use proper punctuation in all your texts and instant messages, using acronyms such as “lol” only if you’ve defined them first: laugh out loud (lol).
  4. At parties people seem to take a little more time before they speak to you because they’re trying to form complete sentences. They also seem to become more eloquent with each drink they have. (Wait—make that with each drink you have.)
  5. You don’t find reading novels relaxing anymore because every time you pick up a book, you end up editing the text in your head and checking for layout and storyline inconsistencies.
  6. All of your birthday and Christmas presents are books because everyone assumes you love to read.
  7. You can have a passionately heated debate about the use of the serial (Oxford) comma at the drop of a hat. (You’re a good editor if you win!)
  8. You send grammar jokes and texts to your friends and coworkers even though some of them just don’t get it.
  9. You use your dictionary and style guides regularly, and not as something to stand on to reach the top shelf.
  10. You actually know how to use the Track Changes function in Word… correctly.

Do you have any more to add?