Mac vs PC

Faster, easier to use, more effective—that’s what today’s technology offers and tomorrow’s technology promises. Thanks to the commercials “’I’m a Mac’ and ‘I’m a PC’”, virtually everyone knows of the longstanding battle between the two. As an editor and writer, I work on a PC, but secretly yearn to understand and experience the Mac world of my graphic designer colleagues, if only for a moment. Indeed, part of the reason more users have PCs is because, well, more users have PCs. But with the advent of the iPhone and, most recently, with iPad mania, like mine, your my curiosity may be growing. Where better to satisfy that curiosity than in Toronto at
Apple Expo Canada?

About Apple Expo

That’s right. Apple is holding a 4-hour expo on all things Apple.  Get up close and personal with Apple manufacturers, pose your questions to Apple experts, and see product demonstrations. You can also attend seminars designed to highlight and demonstrate how Apple products can be used in a variety of industries such as real estate, general business, data management, creative and entertainment, and even the healthcare industry.

Seminars on using Apple products effectively in various industries, as well as on many other topics will run throughout the Expo. The “Macs in Health” seminar presents management systems for housing patient information and making it accessible to healthcare workers, while also maintaining secured information. Information security is another major topic at the Expo. Even editors have not been forgotten with the seminar entitled “Adobe InDesign CS5 Tips and Tricks”. Editors, proofreaders, and graphic designers who work with this tool or who would like to learn more about it will benefit from this seminar.

The details

The event takes place July 13, 2010 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on Front Street and runs from 12 pm to 4 pm. All attendees must preregister online. As we’ve already passed the early-bird date, the event costs $20 for the expo only or $50 for the expo and seminars. If you’re curious about how an Apple product can be used to its full potential in your industry, this looks like the event for you. I hope to attend and will be sure to report back on any benefits to the editing, writing, and marketing world.

The mission

Making the leap to a new computing system can be scary. After all, the information and communications we send are precious and vital in this high-tech world. For me, Apple Expo Canada will be a reconnaissance mission, after which I will retreat to my camp and evaluate the information. And of course, I’ll share this intelligence with all of you. Right now, on my PC.

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If you plan to attend the Apple Expo, feel free to share what you hope to learn and see.