Okay, so the title might be a little dramatic. But I’ve finally done it. I’ve joined the wonderful, wacky world of blogging.  Hi, there! I’m Heather Hepplewhite, a freelance editor/proofreader in the continuing health education (CHE) and pharmaceutical advertising market. I also write for marketing and other industries. This blog will cover topics such as editing and proofreading, the healthcare industry, and running a freelance business and is intended to be a light exploration into various aspects of the marketplace. The posts are not intended to eat up your valuable time  but rather to get your thinking, encourage you to investigate further, or spur you to contribute to the conversation. Visit every week to see new posts, but bear with me. If you don’t see a new post yet, I’m likely in the process of writing it or going through an experience to blog about, so visit again soon. I encourage feedback and am interested in your thoughts in the form of polite and constructive comments.

If you have any topics you’d like to see posted here, please let me know and I will gladly oblige.